Poaching Statistics in Kenya

Elephant & Rhino Poaching In Kenya

This is a presentation of poaching statistics in Kenya with a bias towards Elephants & Rhinos. Elephant poaching is the greatest threat to their existence and are on the brink of being driven to extinction if the rate trend of poaching continues.The data entered for 2013 represents the number of elephants & rhinos lost as at 12th June 2013. These number exclude elephants & rhinos that died of natural causes.  Notice any trend? One thing is for sure, Poaching in Kenya must stop Now.

2013 (As at June 2013)137245,842 Kg Ivory &
Rhino Horns
To be known at the end of the year123
2012384294644Kg Ivory
14kg Rhino horns
2011289255,381 Kg Ivory
12.3 Kg Rhino horn

Kenya Wildlife Service Annual Reports 2010 & 2011

KWS statement on status of Wildlife conservation 14th June 2013

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  1. the rate of poaching is rising at an alarming rate.ivory trade ought to be stopped completely.But it seems KWS is really losing the war..
    what can be used to monitor this animals?

  2. I agree, the numbers are alarming and unsustainable for the elephant population in the long run. Elephants & Rhinos can be monitored in a number of ways: there has been use of geotagged collars for elephants and microchips for rhinos. The use of drones and infrared cameras have also been touted as additional surveillance methods but are yet to be implemented in all the poaching hotspots. There is also regular patrols by rangers in protected areas. Surveillance should go hand in hand with rapid response for all this to work.

  3. i like this.ths monitoring techniques should be implemented in all the poaching hotspots.i believe it will help alot

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