An Escapade To The Lakeside City

After years and years of speculation and limitless imagination of what Kisumu has to offer in all aspects, I finally manged to quench the unrelenting thirst of a few friends who, until then, never been to the lakeside city.

I can never run short of words to express the excitement that was clearly evident on my friend’s assortment of faces. The ongoing highway repairs did little to dampen the mood of these modern day Christopher Columbus’s.

Alas we set our eyeballs on the great city of Kisumu. Electronic gadgets, flashy cars and fluent Anglo-speaking citizens was NOT the order of the day. Kisumu was, and still, is a city like any other.  It was time to eliminate stereotypes that had long been pegged to the lakeside city and get a real experience of the state of affairs in Kisumu City.

I choose to share a days experience. Like most first time visitors, we could not afford to skip getting a closer feel of Africa’s largest fresh water Lake: Lake Victoria. The joy and sense of self achievement that comes along with doing something for the first time was not short in supply. Shot after shot, everyone decided to take pictures that would form the opening line of bedtime stories for our unborn grandchildren, very many years to come.


Impala Sanctuary Overlooking Lake Victoria


Impalas at the sanctuary are becoming more and more shy, therefore such a sighting may soon be rendered a rare spectacle owing to increased human activity within the Sanctuary.


Impalas going about their business

To sum it all up, we strategically positioned ourselves to catch the sun setting. At this point I could quote all the adjectives that my teachers taught me but I choose to let the picture speak for itself.


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