Maralal Camel Derby 2013;The Ultimate ASAL Experience

People say the best things in life are free and the little township of Maralal is no exception. As thousands of tourist come from all over the world to see the Wildebeest Migration every August, this small town in the hills of Samburu hold their own phenomenon that is the most unique travel experience in Africa and is without a doubt a must see. Held every year on the month of August, the Maralal Camel Derby and festival is the first of it’s kind in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. The Maralal Camel Derby is an experience to behold for everyone traversing this beautiful country that is Kenya. It is an experience showcasing Kenya’s wilderness at its best and is a haven for adventurers and explorers. This annual event is held every August and this years event is no different. Starting from August 30th to 1st September,this three day event hopes to highlight the Samburus’ people culture and resilience with the onset of Desertification. All and sundry are welcome to spectate and participate in the event.

The venue for the Maralal Camel Derby 2013 is Yare Camel club and camp which is 3km south of the town of Maralal in Northern Kenya.This event draws competitors from across Kenya and the rest of the world from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, South Africa and beyond. For years and years camels had been the mode of transport for the Samburu people and this event is usually an opportunity for them to show the rest of the world their beloved animals hence the camel Derby is their way of life.



The races are broken down into two depending on your level of experience; the first is for the amateurs and novices, this is a 10Km race designed to test the camel riders endurance level and strength. Being a race for the amateurs it doesn’t not involve a long distance and handlers are there to help you and make the race more fun.The most interesting and challenging race is the Elite Camel race. It is a 42 km Marathon starting from Maralal Township and running through the semi desert environment. The face part of this race is that no handlers or assistants are allowed to be used making this race the mother of adventures leaving a person at the mercy of the wilderness and their imagination.

As for those who are faint at heart and the Derby Camel Derby is not your cup of tea,there are a festival of activities to keep you occupied. This Derby being a festival has culture, colour and celebration up on offer.The cultural aspect include local dancing and singing by the Morans ,traditional ceremonies of the Samburu as well as arts and crafts. Apart from the camel race you will find donkey rides darts and different challenge events suitable for the whole family.

Therefore this year from August 30rd come experience a blend of culture, colour,action,adventure and the finest camels the Northern of Kenya has to offer and also get to learn more about the Samburu culture and all about these kicking yet adorable creatures in their natural habitat.

[schema type=”event” evtype=”Event” url=”” name=”Maralal Camel Derby 2013″ description=”Annual Maralal Camel Race held in Maralal,Samburu Kenya” sdate=”2013-08-23″ edate=”2013-08-26″ city=”Samburu” state=”East Africa” country=”KE” ]

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