Masai Lodge; So Far Yet So Close

Distant birds chirping, the quiet trashing of the waters of “Kandasi”,the earthy smell of the soil and green,lush environment where you can spot a variety of birdlife and monkeys in the natural element; going about their business like its a weekday in the wild. That was how my weekend getaway began.

Allow me to digress but just for a teeny weeny tiny bit. January was a horrible month for me. I had my exams which let’s just say were not pretty. So when my friends come up with this vacation idea,I jumped onto it almost like the First Lady of Kenya ran into the Presidents arms at the finishing line of the “Beyond Zero Marathon”.  I mean come on who has a vacation in the middle of january. How awesome was that!. Our destination of choice,Masai Lodge in Ongata Rongai.

Masai Lodge mixes chic and contemporary with a traditional Masai culture. I could write more than enough to praise this place, but I chose not because some of my girlfriends might choke with jealousy. The Masai Lodge for me is one of the most amazing places in Nairobi,and not only because of the heaven-kissed view but also for its beautiful location and the food is to die for.

Overview Masai lodge

Located in Kajiado County about 21 kilometers from the Nairobi CBD, Masai Lodge is conveniently set up away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi  City but still not so far away. Owing to its proximity & strategic location in reference to the Nairobi National Park , the lodge boasts of a number of natural features and experience only a few accommodation facilities. Masai lodge has a unique and paranomic view of the everyday happenings of the wild that is Nairobi National Park. It is a place that is very calming and spiritual,where you go when you need some tranquility.

Masai Lodge has 31 self contained modern cottages built in the traditional Masai Manyatta style. General facilitied include Olpul restraunt, Zebra Lounge, Oloiboni Bar and swimming pool. The place is ideal for family outing,team building activities and conferences.


The Masai Themed Cottages

The staff are super friendly and helpful. My friends and I travelled from Nakuru all day and decided to stop somewhere near the lodge before checking in. Let’s just say the staff there left a lot to be desired. It was therefore a welcome relief to be received like long lost relatives by the staff of Masai Lodge.

It is imperative you pack a few essentials before embarking on this trip. Water (lots of it),sun screen,sun glasses and binoculars. You should also drive carefully as you will encounter wildlife roaming around on your way there. When were there there was a lion roaming around,so make sure you are always on the alert.

Masai lodge restaurant

I would recommend this place to everyone because; it is a truly amazing place, a place where you can sit still and admire the beauty nature and life plus the food……….. The people………. Have I mentioned the heaven kissed view of the Nairobi National Park.

Therefore this Easter do not be boring and predictable when choosing your family gateway,take a risk and try the Masai Lodge. Chances are high that you won’t be disappointed.

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Proudly African, Believer,Dreamer and an enthusiast of the environment. Sharon is a third year Ecotourism student at Egerton University. She has passion for conservation and tourism and a burning need to share it with the world ; her motivation to write.


  1. Trumf Sharon was the right time see when i come to kenya have to visit the place. Above all i love your presentation.
    Regards from Sweden

  2. Hi Caro all the regards from Kenya, We definitely have to make sure on your next visit I take you there, you won’t be dissapointed

  3. I am already there virtually as i read through this article…i can feel the serenity and all that nature has to offer..the chirping of the birds,the whistling of the wind…i wish to be there physically someday..

    • it is our pleasure here at ecotourismdemystified to offer you this experience albeit virtually

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