Rising From My Seat

Mother Nature, how you need me in so many ways but my assistance is limited. How your waters and aqua beings cry out to me, their home is diminishing and I watch and live at their expense. How the clouds have turned to vapour, they don’t fall anymore. I engulf myself in the advancement of life while you fight to get through a day. I watch you and call for help but I run to sit.

While spending time with my pen, the levels of the waters are reducing, the savannahs are drying up. The ice on Mount Kenya is melting and the migration is becoming less captivating. And as keenly as I can, I capture the thought and put it down before it escapes my mind.

I talk, I write, I share. Imparting knowledge, relaying messages that remain in black on white backgrounds. I spend time with my mind, connect with my conscience, and listen to my convictions about all the wrong things that are happening around me. I sit to create awareness, just that, sit.

I need to equip myself to help you. Because as I wait for your help, you don’t get better and eventually I will suffer in your misery. You look at me with sunken eyes, weak and helpless, and I paint a picture and write about you. Tell the world about how you look and pass the message, instead of responding to your cry for help, I cry on your behalf, probably host a pity party because all i am to you is a messenger.

It’s is important to highlight these happenings but it would be better if I could write about the things I have done to make the situation better. Wouldn’t it better to write about the tangible contributions I have made, to the otherwise unbearable situation of the environment in which I live?

Words I have written and I laud myself for that but it’s time to go a little further: Initiate a difference. It’s time to take my own advice and implement the suggestions and ideas I am leaving to others. It’s no longer cool to be good in what you do but what else you do apart from that. I want to have that same feeling I have when I haven’t written in a long time, empty. This is so that I can be able to fill my surroundings up with colour, with water and with life.

And then I think: what if everyone shared in my concern, to do something more? Wouldn’t that make things better? We would complement each other’s effort and those of the experts. If only we would rid this track of its lanes and run like we all want to win, then we would revive and restore our habitats and yes we would live. Try something more, if you write-act, conduct all this energy to one another and eventually we’ll see. It’s not enough to plant a tree in the flash of a camera, but to nurture it under the scorch of the sun until it grows. The when the good news is finally out, grab the pen again and jot it down, a success story, a happy story- that we rose from our chairs to bring a difference and we sit again, different. We rose empty, void, but sit, filled.


  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I have never been to your blog before, but it is very thoughtful.

  2. Keep writing, even if only one person gets something out of it you have done your good deed for the day. Thanks for the post!

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