Safaricom Marathon 2013

The Safaricom Marathon 2013, Run wild for the wild, 29th June 2013

An annual fundraising event  where runners from all over the world gather at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to compete in the Safaricom Marathon in support of Conservation. The Marathon has slowly but gradually gained prominence as it started off with 180 runners raising $50,ooo in 2000 to 1000 runners raising $574,000 in 2012.


A partnership of Safaricom Ltd, Tusk Trust & The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy the safaricom marathon 2013 is a perfect opportunity to contribute to the noble cause of wildlife conservation by running through one of Africa’s magnificent scenery.

There are  3 race categories;

  1. Full Marathon – an individual event
  2. Half Marathon – a team event
  3. Children’s Race – For Children aged 10-14 Years

Accommodation options include the Self catering campsite, Safaricom Village & Maridadi Camp

For more details follow this link

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